Maternal mental health during pregnancy & postpartum

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Maternal mental health during pregnancy & postpartum

The journey into pregnancy and motherhood can elicit a wide range of emotions.

Often times, we find ourselves experiencing changing feelings on a daily or even hourly basis. Sometime's it's elation, while other times it's exhaustion, and sometimes it's sadness.

Occasionally feeling bouts of sadness or other depressive emotions is entirely normal (and expected!).

Your body is undergoing many changes and introducing many new stresses to your mind.

These types of stresses can create or resurface emotions in unexpected ways.

Common parent emotions

Parents experiencing these new emotions may find themselves wondering:

  1. Why do I feel so conflicted when this is supposed to be a happy time?
  2. Are all parents this overwhelmed?
  3. How come I don’t feel connected with my child?
  4. Are my symptoms normal? Is this baby blues or postpartum depression?
  5. What can I do for my partner who appears to have postpartum depression?
  6. How come parenthood has been so challenging for me?

If you ask yourself these questions — or wonder these questions about a partner or loved one — it's possible that you, your partner, or a loved one may be experiencing symptoms of what is called a perinatal mood & anxiety disorder.

It is important to seek out more information or support to know if your symptoms are consistent with a PMAD.

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