My open-arms approach to therapy

My philosophy is an open-arms approach to therapy because nobody wants to sit in a room with a stranger analyzing you.

I often hear from patients that they tried therapy once and felt they didn't connect with their therapist and got nothing out of their session — or worse — felt even more alone afterwards.

I am a huge believer in creating a warm and inviting space where we explore your feelings and thoughts together.

You are the expert on your life and I am there to help you identify your emotions and explore ways of coping with your feelings or thoughts that may be making you feel worst.

It is a collaboration between us and I check in with you as we move through the process to make sure we are meeting your goals.

A well mind, body, and soul are essential for you to feel happy and whole.

Lifestyle & Wellness

Aside from getting therapy (which I believe EVERYONE can benefit from), I believe in the power of mindfulness and self-care.

Taking care of your body is the first step towards healing your mind and feeling fulfilled and happy. While everyone quickly jumps to exercise, I encourage you to find activities that you enjoy where there are no expectations around achieving a goal.

While exercise is helpful, it is also important to have activities that ground you and clear your mind. This may involve doing a type of yoga that focuses on healing and getting into your body. Or it may involve getting by a body of water to bring you peace or go sit outside and enjoy a favorite meal.

In today's society, we are surrounded by noise and the stress of everyday life. We fail to give our minds time to slow down. In order to get our minds to slow down and bodies to relax, we need to actively make it. Please try to incorporate some of these moments in your life on a weekly basis.

Your mental health with benefit from this greatly.

I personally enjoy getting outside for a walk around the neighborhood to clear my mind and reset. On the weekends, my family and I enjoy going to the horse barn where we board our horses and spend time riding. My two oldest children love to fish in the nearby pond. These moments help me take a break from all the "have to's" in my life and allows myself to focus on doing one task that I thoroughly enjoy.

- Jessica